Indianapolis Film Project

The Indianapolis Film Project (IFP), which powers the Kan-Kan Cinema, is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to enrich the culture of our city through independent film exhibition, education and community engagement. IFP was founded by Sam Sutphin, Ben Sutphin, Tom and Ed Battista, all with a commitment to the urban vitality of Indianapolis. In their travels, they noticed how art house cinemas have the ability to deftly knit together art, connection and a sense of place. Indianapolis has film festivals and large multiplexes, but to its detriment, lacked a year-round venue dedicated to the art of film.

The Kan-Kan Cinema exists to fill this hole in the city’s cultural canvas, to show films that have long bypassed the city, to support local filmmakers and use film for education and conversation. The Brasserie, helmed by award-winning chef Abbi Merriss, was in the plan from the beginning because film + conversation are best when paired with good food and drink.  

The Kan-Kan serves as the home base of IFP as it pursues its four mission projects:

  1. Film Exhibition and Education. IFP regularly screens independently-produced films, features visiting directors and professors and offer community screenings.
  2. Future Filmmakers Lab. IFP offers filmmaking education to local high school students.
  3. Local Filmmakers Initiative. IFP offers local film makers and industry workers a “third place” to gather, discuss their work, screen films, develop strategies for attracting productions to Indianapolis and incubate affiliated businesses.
  4. Audience Outreach. IFP collaborates with community partners to create events using film, offers family-friendly Saturday morning programming and pop-up cinema experiences with a focus on underserved neighborhoods. IFP is leveraging the power of film to improve our city.
  5. To support our efforts, make your tax-deductible contribution today.