In his book Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut wrote of a “karass:” a group of people linked in a cosmically significant way. The instrument that brings a person into his or her karass is called a “kan-kan.” We hope to be a place that brings people who are cosmically linked—by their Indianapolis addresses, their search for joy and meaning, their love of good food and movies—together.

The Kan-Kan started out as a pipe dream unknowingly shared by a few people in Indianapolis.  Tom Battista, his son Ed Battista, and Sam Sutphin and his son Ben had, in the course of their travels, noticed how a city’s funky, independent movie theaters reflected and embodied that city’s culture and community. Indianapolis, they decided, deserved a place like this. Thus: the Indianapolis Film Project (IFP) was born.  

After five years of planning and fundraising, IFP completed construction of its first project, the Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie. This three-screen arthouse cinema, film education complex, and European-inspired restaurant will finally provide the people of Indianapolis with a local space to use film and food as tools for education, connection, and collaboration. The Kan-Kan will also serve as IFP’s home base to pursue our mission projects: Film Exhibition & Education, Future Filmmakers Lab, Local Filmmakers Initiative and Audience Outreach.

Because the shared experience of watching a film prompts conversation, the Brasserie restaurant is a perfect spot to share a snack, a meal or drink before or after a film. Award-winning chef Abbi Merriss will serve a casual menu of food all through the day.  

We’re grateful for the support of our Opening Sponsors