Let’s show some love and support for our local filmmakers, friends, neighbors, and each other!

No Place – Trailer

“A grifter seeks revenge and redemption after being double-crossed in Indianapolis.”

Check out the new trailer for No Placea film shot right here in Indy!

Local Shorts

Take a look at local filmmakers who are still creating and responding in our difficult times. Watch four uniquely Indianapolis films.


Kan-Kan Filmmaker Town Hall

We’re kicking off a series of virtual events for filmmakers and all who are interested in the art and craft of film!

Check out our first Filmmaker Town Hall where we discussed various topics of filmmaking with local film professionals.

 watch here

INseparable Films

Our friends at Indiana Humanities funded (not one, but) five short films exploring how Hoosiers experience and grapple with urban, suburban and rural divides. Four of the five are now available to watch in full. Indiana Humanities is doing incredible work for the Indiana film community by consistently funding and supporting local talent to create uniquely Indiana stories. If you are a local filmmaker please follow them to watch for future opportunities.


The Kan-Kan + The Hoosier Environmental Council

We teamed up with the good folks of the Hoosier Environmental Council to present a special live screening of The New Environmentalists: From Chicago to the Karoo and discussion hosted by Jesse Kharbanda and Paula Brooks.

You can check out the film and discussion below.

Watch the film

watch the discussion

The Delorean Outfit

Great Scott! We’re headed to the track!

By Midwest Filmmaker Kassim NorrisThe Delorean Outfit tells the story of two collectors, Jason and Rick, their shared love for the classic DeLorean DMC-12 (otherwise known as the car from Back to the Future), and how that love turned into a full-fledged event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for DeLorean enthusiasts.