Help fuel the engine that powers the Kan-Kan.

Indianapolis Film Project, Inc. (IFP), is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to enrich the culture of Indianapolis through independent film exhibition, education, and community engagement.

The first step toward that goal was the construction of the Kan-Kan. By putting an independent cinema in a socially and ethnically diverse neighborhood, the IFP is connecting people from multiple socio-economic and cultural backgrounds through the power of film. 

The Kan-Kan will serve as the home base of IFP as it pursues its four mission projects: 

  1. Film Education and Film Appreciation. IFP will feature visiting directors and professors, screen classics on 35/70 mm projectors, and offer community screenings.

  2. Future Filmmakers Lab. IFP will eventually create and administer filmmaking courses for high school students in our technology-enabled classroom facilities.

  3. Local Filmmakers Initiative. IFP will be a place for local filmmakers to discuss their work, screen films, and develop strategies to attract productions to Indianapolis.

  4. Audience outreach and placemaking. IFP will collaborate with community partners to provide pop-up cinema experiences with a focus on underserved neighborhoods.

IFP is leveraging the power of film to improve our city. To support our efforts, make your tax-deductible contribution today.

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