Let’s show some love for our local filmmakers, artists, neighbors and friends!

Independent Restaurants Need Help – 12 Stars Media

“You’ve seen your favorite restaurants impacted by COVID-19 and the necessary measures we’ve had to take in response. But, a restaurant or bar is nothing without the people who pour their passion into serving their community. We spoke with a few of those people in the very early days of the outbreak in Indiana so they could share their very personal perspectives on what the future holds for our community.”

Hail Mary” – John Stamps

John Stamps’ latest music video by Indianapolis director, Jake Huber, featuring one of our favorite hangs:  Duke’s Honky Tonk Bar.

The New Normal – A Web Series from Tilt23 Studios

“Life just dramatically changed. We’re not sure what the future holds. What will be our new normal? This series explores the stories of 20 people during this difficult time, quarantined like so many us, doing their part to fight this pandemic. Follow along for new episodes as they drop. Episode 1 introduces 5 of our 20 stories. Thanks to Hannah Myers Lindgren for conceiving of and producing this series. Special thanks to Mike Angel of Squarecat Vinyl for original music.”

A Good Nose – Ken Avidor

Created by our friend and local artist Ken Avidor, A Good Nose is a local animated short about a landlord, a young man and his dog.