The Kan-Kan is deeply grateful to Clayton Hamilton for his leadership and curation of  the “Liberty & Justice for All?” Series. While 13th concluded the launch of this series, there will be more in the future, as there is much conversation and learning to be done. We hope you will join us.

In the meantime, we’d like to pass along this message from Clayton as well as a list of additional films and resources he has compiled.

“When you are part of a majority you typically spend no time concerning yourself with the minority population. So many are confused with the Black Lives Matter movement. I often hear ‘I didn’t know that’ regarding African American history.

“Living within the margins grants you tunnel vision. You have to be a self-starter and delve into African American history. These films should assist with that start. The richness of content and quality of presentation in these films and documentaries should, hopefully, give you a better understanding of current events.”

Clayton also recommends attending the Undoing Racism Workshop 

All of this isn’t just something “nice to do” that we never get around to.
As Clayton says, “It’s essential you become involved. If not, this country is doomed. The same types of unjust laws will be applied to you at some point but will be based on class not complexion.” 
Let’s do the work now. We must each be a stakeholder in our society’s future.