This one speaks for itself. The story of one of the greatest racing rivalries of all time. This film really transcends racing and is a true human interest story. What blew me away about it was how the creators told the exact story they wanted with all archival footage. Imagine not being able to set up a single scene, or shot. Everything had to be pieced together by going through hours and hours of old tapes. Very impressive.

Grand Prix
Tells such a vivid story of what life was like for the pioneers of our sport. I love how the film captured the full gambit of emotion that drivers experienced back then. The highest of highs, the lowest of lows. The additional focus of how it affected their loved ones was as crushing as it was accurate. It was also one of the few films that got the driving scenes right! Never again will they be able film a racing movie like they did this one, or Le Mans. The beauty of the cars, and the people who drove them, were both captured so brilliantly.

The Gentleman Driver
This movie is certainly lesser known than the others, but is a very interesting documentary about the ‘other half’ of the sports car field. Sports car racing relies on the funding from the Gentlemen drivers that act as co-drivers to the pros. This documentary follows four drivers who are titans of industry during the week, but get their release on weekends by risking their lives in race cars. It’s fascinating to see what makes these guys tick and what motivates someone who has the means to pursue any passion they want to choose motorsport.