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 This Week’s Film – 5/29

#AtHomeCinema is pairing up with the unlikely pairing of Harold and Maude!

Hal Ashby’s 1971 Harold & Maude is not only one of my favorites but also one of the most original stories I have seen. It feels like stepping into a timeless fairytale dream that always has your friend death hanging around. The bizarre relationship between Harold, a death obsessed 20 year old who continually fakes his own suicide, and Maude, a 79 year old car kleptomaniac free spirit, is only bizarre to us the viewers. The film never questions itself, causing us to contemplate our own meaning in life and love.

You will see where filmmakers Wes Anderson, Taika Waititi, Alexander Payne get their influence. Even Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann named their daughter Maude after this film.

Join us Friday for this influential film as we watch Cat Stevens play an amazing soundtrack over a foggy California bay area as a young Bud Cort meets a radiating Ruth Gordon that will change his life forever.”

– Daniel Arthur Jacobson, Programming Director 

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