“Fascinated with how the film world is evolving into new and different branches during these crazy times? Love behind the scenes footage? Want some escapism? SAME.

So before we say “so long” to this week’s Short of the Week, Dior Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture, I give you, 5 quick parting thoughts and a behind the scenes look!

1. In a time where everything seems uncertain, the world is coming up with creative ways to recreate their old “norms”. Fashions shows? Forget about it, soOoo 2019. Hiring Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone (Dogman, Gomorrah) to combine fashion and film to create a surreal short encapsulating the look and inspiration of each piece of clothing? Now that’s more like it!

2. Speaking of Matteo Garrone… after watching the short, I immediately did some digging. After getting distracted with several “Recommended for You” videos,  I unearthed the behind the scenes footage (see below) filled with lots of wonderful tid-bits about the process, partnership, and how Garrone “tapped into his love of myth and magic, along with his past as a painter, to spin a fantastical fable in which the collection itself is the true protagonist”.

3. As a person who doesn’t follow fashion (looks down at Zelda tank top) I gotta say, thanks to this short, and my newly found free time, I, along with everyone who has watched, have technically participated in Fashion Week. Funny how spicing up the norm can also lead to new creative partnerships, ideas, and even a new audience.

4. The lighting and score is *chefs kiss*

5. There is a snail lady rocking a gorgeous gown. Think that speaks for itself.

Behind the scenes fun below! And bonus Points for every mask you spot and every instance of social distancing while they were filming! (Who knew sewing 6+ ft away from the person next to you could look so cinematic!?)”

Abby Specht, Operations & Administrative Manager