Due to the COVID-19 crises, Sundance Co//ab (the new educational platform for creators) is allowing the filmmaking community free access for all its Member Q&As and Master Classes.

The film industry is now experiencing a significant negative impact as filmmakers are staying at home, preserving social distancing regulations. Because of this delicate and complex situation, the Sundance Institute is offering free access to storytellers.

As stated by Sundance Co//ab:  “As we are all experiencing this unprecedented global crisis, at Sundance Co//ab, we will do our small part and bring more resources, tools, and support to the community and let you know about those as we add them. For right now, we are opening all of our Member Q&As and Master Classes for free to the community. We hope you will join us as we support each other through this tumultuous time. We will continue to look for ways to support you wherever you are!”

Check out their Master Classes, Online Events, Video Library, and more below!

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